My sister Renee’ has been going through chemo and radiation treatments the last several weeks in her battle against cervical cancer. She started an internal radiation treatment program this week that is very painful. She’s struggling with her usual positive attitude — I’m not sure how she stays so bubbly to begin with! I’m at a loss of positive inspiring words for her, as I can’t really even imagine what she and her family are going through.

But, she has a Facebook page where she has been chronicling her treatment – link below. If you get a chance, read through it and you’ll see her positive attitude shining through! I know she has made some new virtual friends via her FB page – I’d like her to make some more.

If you can, go to her Facebook page, Renee’s Fight For Teal, and leave a comment, like a post, share the page, anything. I think she has been amazed at the outpour of strangers and acquaintances — I’d like to add to that as much as possible.

Thanks, Tony

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