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Domino 8.5 Mail policy attention indicators causing errors

As part of the customer’s upgrade to Domino 8.5 last week, we reviewed and changed various policies and settings to better align with their intended deployment. On the Mail settings document, we established the various attention indicators and used the “set initial value” option.

Registered a test user to validate various settings and to document the process for the customer. But, when I tried to open the test users mail database, either with iNotes or Notes, started receiving various errors. Dialog window that only showed “Formula error”; inbox not available, navigator pane not showing, etc.

Checked several usual suspects, but could not determine the problem. Called support and started a PMR. Support called back fairly quickly and asked if we were using Mail settings. Yes, we are. Are we establishing attention indicators in the policy? Yes, we are. They had me disable these settings in the mail database preferences, and all is ok.

I modified the Mail settings document to not establish these preferences, registered another test user, and all access is normal. You can set these preferences manually in the mail database with no problems, just not in a policy.

SPR LXLX7PM5E3 has been assigned, so if you come across this problem, log a PMR in hopes that it will be corrected in the future.

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Domino 8.5, iSeries v5r4, ptf SI30432

I was upgrading a customer last week to Domino 8.5 on iSeries, not for DAOS or ID Vault, but primarily for the new iNotes interface. I usually go through the release notes and various other documentation for system requirements for all platforms, especially so for iSeries. While I am not an iSeries admin, I have supported Domino on iSeries since Domino 5; and I always have iSeries admin folks available.

I followed the normal requirements gathering, and came across the a requirement for 5722JV1 Option 11, documented as PTF SI30432. I should have read more detail! Normally, PTFs are available as a download. But not in this case! You must order this as media and support indicated 5 – 9 business days! Ouch, there I was at the customer site, not able to upgrade to Domino 8.5, the sole purpose of the out-of-state customer visit!

Good news is that IBM support came through: they were able to find a test machine that had the PTF applied. Once they found someone with admin level access to this test machine, they were able to give me access to download. We were very lucky on many counts here (test machine available, my pleas to support, accommodating support folks)! We were very lucky as the expectation was we would have to order the media and wait.

To be clear, be sure you have this media ordered and delivered to your customer before showing up as it does not follow the normal PTF scenario. And, learn the lesson from my mistake: read the documentation thoroughly every time!

Thanks IBM support!


Domino Express and Sametime on iSeries

If you are familiar with Domino licensing, you know about theLotus Domino Express license model. Domino Collaboration Express is a license purchased per user for SMBs (under 1000 employees I think). No Domino server license required. You can deploy as many Domino servers as needed to support your user community. There are a few restrictions with the Express license including no Domino server partitioning allowed. Take a look at the details, great offering for your smaller customers.

Lotus Domino Express is entitled to the Sametime Limited Use functionality, just like the normal server license is: licensed users can utilize the imbedded Sametime client in their Notes client with no Sametime license required. An excellent value for SMBs!

The usual implementation, or at least the best practice, is to dedicate a Domino server for Sametime. This gives you scalability, separation of services, separation of configuration options, and easier upgrades. I have several customers that use iSeries servers for other business applications. They love their iSeries! So much so, that some of them will not deploy any additional Windows servers. So with Domino and Sametime being supported on the iSeries, coupled with the less expensive Express license model, they have deployed Domino and Sametime.

Now to the point of this blog entry, finally! Since the Express license model does not allow Domino partitioning, these iSeries customers have used the same server for email and Sametime; that is, one Domino server supporting email and Sametime. From a performance context, this is not a problem as most of them are small customers, 30 to 60 users. But from an upgrade context, it is now an issue. Sametime 8.0 is not supported on Domino 8.5. Sametime 8.5 is announced, but no real details on availability nor system requirements.

If the Domino Express license model would allow for partitioning, problem solved! But it does not, as far as I know. Is anyone aware of an exception to this license restriction? For example, if the other partitioned server is only used for Sametime Limited Use, partitioning would be allowed? Does that make sense? I think this may be a small subset of customers for Lotus, but it is a not-so-small subset for me! They are ready to upgrade to Domino 8.5, but can’t without changing their license or deploying another server.

What do you think?