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Domino 8.5, iSeries v5r4, ptf SI30432

I was upgrading a customer last week to Domino 8.5 on iSeries, not for DAOS or ID Vault, but primarily for the new iNotes interface. I usually go through the release notes and various other documentation for system requirements for all platforms, especially so for iSeries. While I am not an iSeries admin, I have supported Domino on iSeries since Domino 5; and I always have iSeries admin folks available.

I followed the normal requirements gathering, and came across the a requirement for 5722JV1 Option 11, documented as PTF SI30432. I should have read more detail! Normally, PTFs are available as a download. But not in this case! You must order this as media and support indicated 5 – 9 business days! Ouch, there I was at the customer site, not able to upgrade to Domino 8.5, the sole purpose of the out-of-state customer visit!

Good news is that IBM support came through: they were able to find a test machine that had the PTF applied. Once they found someone with admin level access to this test machine, they were able to give me access to download. We were very lucky on many counts here (test machine available, my pleas to support, accommodating support folks)! We were very lucky as the expectation was we would have to order the media and wait.

To be clear, be sure you have this media ordered and delivered to your customer before showing up as it does not follow the normal PTF scenario. And, learn the lesson from my mistake: read the documentation thoroughly every time!

Thanks IBM support!